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We've moved!!

Woley, Nov 20, 09 2:30 PM.
We've Moved!
Please join us at

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Distorted Recruiting
 1. Do you have a decent knowledge of how to play your class efficiently? 

2. Are you able to understand simple verbal and/or written directions? 

3. Do you understand that standing in fire can burn you, and you could die if you stand there too long? 

Then we want to hear from you! 

Distorted is a fun, easy-going raiding guild that currently focuses on the 10-man content. Due to the summer break, several of our members went missing, and we have some spots to fill. 

Our current raiding schedule is Ulduar Wednesday – Saturday from 8:30 ST till about midnight with Naxxramas and other runs on weekends around 1:00pm. 

If interested, please apply today!

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